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Bad Gastein is something quite different. Perhaps you think that we are not specially objective, but we simply loved Bad Gastein from our first visit there - now many years ago.

A fantastic varied and especially large skiing area. In the nearness you will find the skiing area quite sufficient for a week or two. And if you go out into the corners of Austrias largest skiing experience called Ski amadé you willl find enough space to come and visit again and again for years.

Nowhere else in the Alps you will have the same feeling, perhaps af feeling of former greatness on its way back again. Bad Gastein has it all - and space for all. Perhaps best illustrated by our favourite photo from down town Bad Gastein: Dozens of women dressed in bathrobes on their way to their daily thermal bath mingling with youngsters in skiing dress on their way to after skiing in a café or bar to discuss the events of the day. The mix of an historical health resort and a modern ski resort is perfect.

In Bad Gastein a lot of things are going on - regardless of all seasons. Bad Gastein has an endless set of offers for those wanting more than skiing. Go and explore the many exciting shops. Have an entertaining evening in the exclusive atmosphere at the local casino and give yourselves an experience of wellness in the thermal baths. Besides you will find lots of good spirits at afterskiing as well as later on in the evening.


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