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Offpiste in Bad Gastein

A lot of people keeps asking - "Where is all the good offpiste in Bad Gastein?".

Our best advice is to hire a local guide. He can find the good spots for you - and bring you safe home again. But nevertheless we will try to describe the routes and spots we have tried. Please notice: we are not local Gastein dudes, and therefore we do not know all the secret spots a local offpiste-guide could show you - But we are working on it. We will elaborate these pages as we get around exploring.


The Gastein valley consists of four seperate ski areas. Each of the four areas has a different character: Dorfgastein is mainly tree lined runs and an excellent place to head to in bad weather; Sportgastein is high open and exposed, it closes in bad weather and you need to check the reports before heading up there. Bad Hofgastein and Bad Gastein are connected via Angertal and are more similar - both have a mixture of tree lined and exposed pistes. The last, smallest but not least there is Graukogel. It is a very small area with only 3 lifts. It is mainly tree lined, and fantastic when snow is in town. (There is never people there)

  • Offpiste in Dorfgastein
  • Offpiste in Bad Hofgastein, Badd Gastein (Schlossalm - Angertal - Stubnerkogel)
  • Offpiste in Sportgastein
  • Offpiste at Graukogel

Below you will find a video from easter 2008. Our son is skiing in Dorfgastein, Sportgastein and Graukogel. We have champagne powder all over. Enjoy.

Skiing with Angie - sæsonåbning 29.11.13 - 02.12.13
Sportgastein & Grossarl:




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