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News for 2013-2014

Bad Gastein has shown a very positive development in room nights during recent years. Back in the 80s Bad Gastein boasted around 590,000 room nights in winter which dropped to 500,000 in winter 1997. There has been a continual increase since that time so that meanwhile just under 700,000 room nights per winter season are achieved. In addition, the provision of further accommodation is definitely planned.

Valley run in Bad Gastein now with snowmakers

Finally the moment has come: The Stubnerkogel is now equipped with snowmakers along the valley piste down to Bad Gastein! This winter, for the first time, the ski slopes on the Stubnerkogel boast snowmaking capability all the way from the mountain lift station to the valley. Expansion of snowmaking capability for the Stubnerkogel, as well as the construction of a reservoir along with a collection and piping system, has so far gone right according to plan. In summer, work will continue in the area from the mid- to the valley stations. That will then conclude the entire project on the eastern slopes of the Stubnerkogel at a total cost of around 20 million Euro, significantly enhancing the quality of opportunities that await winter sports fans.

In summer 2013, Gastein Lift Company invested a sum of 9.4 million Euro in quality improvements. At an expense of around 6.1 million Euro, the focus will be on completion of snowmaking facilities and other upgrades to the piste between the lift mid- and valley stations on the Stubnerkogel

Funslope Gastein

Fun Slope Gastein, which is being created in the area of the Haitzingalm, represents a never-before-seen product, one that offers a broad public a welcome change of pace from the regular pistes. The name says it all, since this is somewhere where all our guests are certain to have the time of their life!

From a technical perspective, a fun slope is a hybrid between the classic piste, snowpark and cross racing. The course itself is designed as a single line, while the elements of a fun slope have some similarities with those we know from beginner snowparks. For example, you will find some moguls here and smaller jumps.

What makes fun slopes really special are the playful elements such as bridges, tunnels as well as "snails", which are a particular source of joy for the kids. From the cross world we bring in features such as small banked curves and changes of direction.

In order for guests to have the most fun possible, the length of the facility is far more important, the width much less so. The ideal gradient of the slope is very moderate, corresponding approximately to that of a "blue"-rated hill. And with its striking structures and obstacles, any fun slope is sure to be a real "eye catcher" for the users of the adjacent ski areas.

What makes fun slopes so special is the fact that they promise fun for every winter sports lover. From the littlest guests who have just learned to ski downhill, to their grandparents who, though they may not be inclined to try bigger jumps anymore, still enjoy a change of pace from the regular piste. Which does, of course, make fun slopes practically perfect for families.

Freeskiing Adventures at the Jungeralm

You will find freeriders galore out and about on the snowy mountainsides away from the groomed pistes. This trend, which has been promoted by the ski industry through introduction of new products aimed squarely at this target group, can also be felt right here in Gastein. Nonetheless, the topics of safety and personal responsibility are something that everyone has to be made far more aware of.

Our goal is to steer freeriders on a somewhat "regulated track". For everyone simply to ski off willy-nilly, without thinking of others, is simply not what it’s all about. That is why we are consciously supporting the campaign launched by Salzburg province under the motto "Respect your limits", which includes, for example, designating reforestation land and wildlife feeding areas as exclusion zones that are absolutely taboo.

Due to the elevation, Gastein is also home to many slopes above the tree line, slopes that have proven to be a veritable paradise for freeriders. Just one example is the western flank of the Stubnerkogel in the direction of the Jungeralm. In order to protect the forest areas and sensitive wildlife habitats that lie below it, freeriders are channeled down a maintained forestry lane above the tree line and back to the valley station of the Jungeralm lift. This essentially benefits everyone and everything involved: The freeriders can continue to enjoy the deep-snow hills, but without causing unnecessary damage to the forest or wild animals.

Gasti Park

The far area of the Gasti Park, located at Angertal Ski Center, is being expanded for the enjoyment of the littlest youngsters. "Gasti", the mascot, is very much the focus of this winter wonderland for children on the Wolfstallwiese.

Evenly scattered across the snow-covered meadow are several differently-shaped Gasti figures, so that all of the kids have an equal opportunity to play "with" Gasti. And at the center: a snowy structure designed to give the children the sense they are actually in a snow castle.

New Categories of Passes

Since all lift stations are now fully equipped with card readers, as of the coming winter season Bad Hofgastein and Bad Gastein will also offer morning-only passes.

Yet another new item in the product palette is the 3-hour pass. This ticket expires at the end of 3 hours, though it is still possible to remain inside the ski area. This will replace the previous hourly pass, which used to be refundable at the ticket window. Skiline

This coming winter, for the first time, our guests will also now have the opportunity to generate their own personal Skiline elevation profile. By entering your own ski-pass number on the Internet (, you can now create a diagram of the vertical meters you have skied, kilometers of pistes you have covered and number of lifts you have used during your visit. If you wish, you can also see how you match up against other skiers and even take part in different competitions.

Family Adventure - Conquering an Alpine Peak

Well-known for its high elevation, the ski area in Sportgastein affords incredibly views of the surrounding 3,000ers. And it has never been so easy to conquer a mountain summit:

The summit cross on the Kreuzkogel, the highest point in Ski amadé at around 2700 meters above sea level, is just an easy few minutes’ walk from the mountain lift station. Ski amadé Guide

The heart of the "Ski amadé Guide" is a GPS-based navigation and geo-location system that will direct skiers, based on their own skiing skills and their personal preferences, to those pistes that are likely to give them the greatest skiing enjoyment. This means that our guests will have no problems getting their bearings or finding routes that perfectly match their own skiing style or physical condition.

Furthermore, users of the new App can bring up detailed information about the ski areas, either while they are still at home or after they arrive at their destination. This also includes current weather and snow conditions, as well as room availability. Skiers can save their personal routes and then, in the peace and quiet of the evening, review all of their day’s skiing adventures.

The guide is available for free, now in version 2.0 with numerous new functions. It is compatible with the iPhone as well as your Android device.


So you can get the most out of your App, we have also expanded our wireless network. Each wireless-capable device – smartphone, iPad or laptop – can log in free of charge within a radius of 150 metres of over 300 access points in the 5 ski regions. The hotspots are located at numerous valley and mountain stations run by the 22 lift companies within the ski alliance, as well as in a number of ski lodges and mountain restaurants.

Log in one time, and that’s all you need – then, you can use the Apps, the Internet and your email program right there on the slopes, without registering, but in complete safety. That’s because Ikarus Security protects all users of the Ski amadé wireless network from viruses, phishing etc., and does so free of charge.

Art on the Mountain

Through his creative endeavors in Bad Gastein, Victor Ash, one of Europe’s most successful street artists, has introduced a sense of fresh modernity. On Bad Gastein’s most well-known mountain, the Stubnerkogel, he gave birth to the highest piece of street art in all of Europe. At an elevation of 2300 metres, the artist depicted typical animals of the Alps on the walls of the Stubnerkogel transmitter station, now one of the biggest murals anywhere in the Alps.

Through his work, the artist – who was born in Portugal in 1968, later studied in Paris, and now lives and works in Copenhagen – wishes to draw attention to the conquest of animal habitat by mankind and by our recreational enjoyment. Through his works in public spaces, he also reflects current themes in society, without giving rigid responses to the questions that are raised.

Avalanche Detonation Masts

In order to further increase avalanche safety, one additional avalanche detonation mast – which has proven very successful in recent years – is being erected in the ski area.

Slope Maintenance Equipment

Around 25 snowcats are in daily operation, in order to be able to offer perfectly groomed slopes. Around 810,000 Euro will be spent this year so as to purchase 2 new snowcats and other maintenance equipment.



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