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The different sub areas i Bad Gastein

If you do not want to explore the more remote areas of Ski AmadÄ, you will feel good in skiing nearby. Below you will see our subjective evaluation of different areas.


Skiing from 3.540 ft. to 6.585 ft.

Graukogel is the lift just outside the frontdoor of the appartment. Graukogel is a challenge for better skiers. Children and beginners are not supposed to start here.

All the pists are long and rather difficult.

Graukogel is the less touristic part of the different Gastein areas. So, if you want to go skiing nearly by yourself and get the feeling of being alone at the mountain - Graukogel is the place!

If you like powder- and tree skiing Graukogel is the place to be as well. Lots of skiing in woods, shelter and suitably steep. When snow arrives this is where the local people goes.

One advantage to the Graukogel are the forests adjacent to the slopes. Your skiing pleasure is totally unspoiled, even in poor weather or high winds.

The only drawback concerning Graukogel is the fact that it is not connected to the other areas in Bad Gastein. But then again - it is just outside your door.

You should also notice that the lifts are not high speed 8 seats lifts with heated seats. The lifts are from the period, when you enjoyed going up as much as going down.

If on a slalom training tour you bring with you at set of racing gates you are welcome to contact Typically you will be allowed to put up your slalom gates in an demarcated area specially designed for training. WM in alpine skiing was held here in 1958.

Schlossalm - Angertal - Stubnerkogel

Skiing from 2 822 ft. to 7 546 ft.

Schlossalm - Angertal - Stubnerkogel is the largest connected skiing area in the neighbourhood.

The ski bus has a stop just outside the appartment. After 5 min. drive you will be at Stubnerkogel.

Many of the ski slopes have elevations more than 2000 metres above sea level, and after more than 1000 metres downhill even the best skiers will feel a little bit tired in thighs.

All of the slopes in the Schlossalm-Angertal-Stubnerkogel ski area are interconnected by a network of lifts.

A very popular piste is H1, the socalled "the Hohe Scharte Nord". It is more than 8 km long, and you will be falling nearly 1500 meters.

In the same area you will find the perfect area for children and beginners. Kids Park is located in the Angertal Ski Centre, a park only meant for children making it easy for children to start skiing.

It is also at Stubnerkogel the "hang loosers" will find the Snow Park.

At the top of the Stubnerkogel lift your valid keycard will give free entrance to the socalled "Fun Center" - 300 m2 with Internet, childrens cinema, playstation, etc.


Skiing from 5 217 ft. to 8 694 ft.

Sportgastein is the highest ski area in the Gastein Valley, where skiers with sportier ambitions feel particularly at home. Deep-snow slopes, moguls runs and challenging hills all the way back to the valley, are sure to push you to the limits.

Our ultimate tip: the northern ski route. Countless variations as far as the eye can see. After descending 1,000 metres of deep powder or mogul pistes, you end up at the tollbooth on the Gastein alpine road. Ensure you pay attention to the warning signs and safety barriers!

Be careful when bringing children and beginners to Sportgastein. Especially in bad weather it can be a rather tough place. As most of the skiing takes place above timberline weather can be rough. But on sunny days - be there!

10-12 meter snow per year is quite normal in Sportgastein.

Sportgastein is apart from the othoer skiing area, so go there by the free ski bus.

Dorfgastein - Gro▀arltal

Skiing from 2 789 ft. to 6 572 ft.

Dorfgastein connected with Gro▀arltal offers excellent opportunities for skiers of all levels of ability. Wide well prepared slopes gives you lots of space combined with many cosy lodges. The well functioning lift system gives many miles of effective skiing.

20 ski lifts, 80 hills, rustic huts, a snowboard park, fun for the kids, ski schools and many other highlights - Dorfgastein presents you with variety-packed enjoyment both for skiing and snowboarding. Dorfgastein-Grossarltal regularly wins prizes for the grooming of its slopes and its snowmaking capabilities.

The easiest way to get there goes via "Schlossalm - Angertal - Stubnerkogel". Go skiing to Bad Hofgastein and change to one of the free ski busses. After 4 minutes you will be in Dorfgastein.

A funny feature when visiting this sub area is the fact that you can bee shown very detailed statistics about your day on ski. By visiting you can be provided with an altimeter diagram of your skiing day! See an example.

Offpiste tour de Bad Gastein. Run by our son who skis Dortgastein, Sportgastein og Graukogel. Recorded Easter 2008

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